Yi Jie

Director of Brazilian Zouk Singapore

Instructor & Performer

Yi Jie is an accomplished teacher, dancer and performer. He has won the Team Category with Brazilian Zouk Singapore at ZoukSEA Festival in 2018. Yi Jie is able to both lead and follow and believes that a good dancer should be able to do both. YiJie is also an avid organiser for the Zouk community, with multiple dance teams and performances under his belt.

Students love Yi Jie's meticulous teaching style, making him a popular choice for both private and group classes.  Aside from dance, he loves to code and is a tech geek.

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Principal Instructor

Cheryl is the founder of Brazilian Zouk Singapore. She is known for her dedication, attention to detail and encouraging instruction style. A versatile instructor, her students range from the age of 2 to 75 years old.

​Cheryl is Asia's top Brazilian Zouk instructor, and have been invited to perform and teach in the USA, Asia, Brazil, Europe, Australia. She has led Brazilian Zouk Singapore (known back then as CWDS) to be the #1 Brazilian Zouk school in Asia, winning 5 championships in both team and individual championships in 4 years.
She organised Singapore Brazilian Zouk Festival in 2019 and 2020

(garnering 300 and 500 participants respectively).

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Instructor & Performer

Karen fell in love with Brazilian Zouk in 2013, whilst residing in New York City. She has trained in numerous acclaimed dance schools in the USA, and lived in Brazil to study the dance intensively.

Previously involved International Latin Ballroom, Cheerleading and Figure Skating for 15 years, she's also won the amateur division of the 1st Place Zouk Championships in the 2014/2020 (Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore) and 3rd Place in Brazil & Malaysia.

Qun Yan

Instructor & Performer 

Qun Yan has been with Brazilian Zouk Singapore since 2016 and won the Team category with Brazilian Zouk Singapore in 2018.

She believes that with hard work and sheer determination, there is no obstacle that can’t be overcomed. Her view on dancing: “Dance helps me get away from my stress in my daily life. It helps me recharge my mind and body and gives me a sense of calm and peace. Of course, a little retail therapy helps too.”

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Instructor & Performer

Frank discovered Brazilian Zouk in 2017 whilst studying in university and has been teaching since 2021.

He first grew interested in the dance by listening to Zouk music, which continues till today. Though he is a mechanical engineer by trade, Frank has a strong passion in the artistic expression and freedom that Zouk embodies, as well as the implicit conversation between a leader and follower on the dance floor. 

When not dancing to the Zouk beat, Frank enjoys spending his free time watching Zouk videos from all over the world.

“Brazilian Zouk Singapore (BZSG) classes are brilliant, fun and most probably unsurpassed. I encourage anyone interested in dance to give BZSG classes a try. You will not be disappointed.”