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CWDS - EOY Project(s) Review

We have restarted Zouk classes for about 4 months now and we are excited to share 4 video projects with you! Here's a quick recap to several exciting milestones we have achieved in Q3 & Q4 2020. 1) Time by Hans Zimmer

This project was a video done with lots of heart. Our most emotional piece yet! The great versatility of Brazilian Zouk means there is most definitely a song and Zouk genre for every mood. Performed by CWDS instructors Randy, YiJie, Shawn, Chloe, Karen, Yuka, Cheryl.


2) Chocolate by Robin Roxette x Adje x Alex Sargo

This is, for CWDS, one of the most diverse groups of dance styles put together into a video! This video was a blast as it definitely felt like a fun-loving community filming late at night in the studio together. We have Men's Styling, Ladies Styling, Group Partnerwork and Solo Partnerwork all featured here.

Additionally performed by Aleandre, Junrong, Henry, Filzah, Syukri, JZ, Melissa.


3) 4 Week 4 Genre Series

YiJie & Karen hosted a unique Open Class Series featuring 4 mini choreographies of the 4 main Zouk genres - Rio Style, RnB, Lyrical, Lambada. This project was great fun and challenging for our students as they tried their hand at dancing different styles of Brazilian Zouk!


4) Carlos & Fernanda World Team Project

CWDS welcomed one more performance team this year! The C&F Project is headed by YiJie & Karen and has allowed us to open our arms to more new Zoukers. The energetic choreography of "On My Own" is one of the most famous choreographies by Carlos & Fernanda and a great way to kickstart Season 1 of the project.


5) Magic of Zouk Flow - Open Class Series

Randy & Chloe headed this awesome project which explored the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk. R&C did a deep dive into the flow content, emphasising on the basic step (weight shift, preparation, body to body connection points, gliding, height, torsion, musical adaptation), generation of energy from footwork and diverting energy of movements through breath and tension control. Demo by Randy & Chloe.


6) International Zouk Day 2020

This is our 4th year participating in the global community project to promote Brazilian Zouk! This year, Karen & QunYan have taken up this 8 week project with a small group of dancers. We are looking forward to the 10th anniversary of IZD in 2021.

Bonus clips: Zouk Class Demos

There's that! We hope you enjoyed looking back at what we have achieved in the past 6 months since our merger with JJ Dance Movement. Here's to 2021!

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