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Weekly Spotlight Conversation with Svitlana N. (Lana)

Svitlana, affectionately known as Lana to us, started dancing with us in 2016. She was a part of the very first performance team CWDS had, and one of my favourite students to date. Always positive and hungry for knowledge, she even had her family join her in dance trainings whilst she trained the 2 hours with us in our first (and very tiny!) dance studio. Lana has since moved back to Ukraine, but we absolutely miss her and fondly look back on the memories we had created together. I love her with all my heart and love that she has become a lifelong friend I cherish!

Farewell BBQ Party with Svitlana

Q: When/where did you start dancing Zouk? I came to Cheryl Wu dance studio in November 2016. It was first time when I saw Zouk dance and fell in love with it. Q: Which is your favourite Zouk project/event? Every class with Cheryl was as special event for me. I loved to attend her classes and was waiting for it from class to class. Later in 2017 Cheryl started to invite world stars of Zouk to Singapore. A few include Jaxen’s class which happened the 10th of April, and in July 2017 when Cheryl had invited Alex and Mathilde to Singapore. It was memorable event for everyone from Singaporean Zouk family. Q: Why did you enjoy it so much? As everything that you do for the first time, it brings you a lot of good emotions and memories. Each event that Cheryl had organized was interesting and useful. I felt bless and happy by meeting Cheryl Wu who had introduced to me Zouk. She is amazing teacher and caring person with big loving heart.

Q: What did you enjoy about Zouk? I learnt a lot from Zouk dance. How to be open person, how to trust partner, it makes me feel music and live dance as real life by using all feelings and showing them with my body.

Q: Any fun facts about you? I was the oldest lady in Cheryl’s group and only one who has child. One of the partner called me «dancing mommy» but I still felt very young and sexy! Q: Share a few Zouk video that you really like!

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