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Weekly Spotlight Conversation with Prakash R.

Prakash is a Mexican food enthusiast, motorcycling fanatic and dedicated Zouk dancer! He has always been very hardworking and dedicated to practising his Zouk skills and always has a joyful smile whenever you see him. He's a true gentleman and a very gracious Zouk leader, which is why we appreciate having him as a part of our Zouk community so much! This interview dives into Prakash's interests, Zouk goals and we hope you'll get to know him better! Prakash is a wonderful part of our CWDS Zouk Junior Team. He's personally one of my favourite performing partners (through all the bumps during dance practices =P). He's very sweet, very friendly and a great conversationalist.

Q: How long have you been dancing Zouk? 1 year and 4 months

Q: When/where did you start dancing Zouk? Jan 2019 in a CWDS Beginner Class!

Q: Which is our favourite Zouk project/event thus far? Zouk Sensation 2019!

Q: Why did you enjoy it so much? It was my first time dancing with so many people under one roof. Everyone was so friendly and dances by artistes were amazing. Also, the first flash mob I performed in.

Q: What is your favourite part about Zouk/Zouk community? It has really accepting and fun bunch of people. Always humble and willing to impart their knowledge.

Q: Do you have any personal Zouk goals in mind? I would like to be able to reach a Zouk Jack & Jill finals!

Q: What do you do by day? I’m the cofounder of a fintech startup.

Q: Any fun facts about you? I’m a motorbike enthusiast!

Q: Who are some of your favourite Zouk dancers/Teachers? William & Paloma

Q: Share a zouk video that you really like!

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