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Weekly Spotlight Conversations featuring Logan G.

In this week's Weekly Spotlight Conversation, we interview Logan, who has been a CWDS student since 2019. He started his journey with us with a private class lesson and has not looked back since.

Logan was so inspired by Renata & Jorge (who came to Singapore in November 2019) he picked up Brazilian Zouk just in time to partake in their lessons! Logan holds nothing back, and often provides invaluable feedback to us to bring greater variety of dancing to our community. We appreciate his honesty and solution driven mindset!

10 Quickfire Questions with Logan!

How long have you been dancing Zouk?

Since November 2019

When/where did you start dancing Zouk/other latin dances?

With CWDS!

Your favourite Zouk project/event/classes thus far

Zouk Sensation bootcamp 2020

Why do you enjoy it so much?

It feels like synesthesia. Zouk is an artform that combines the senses of sight, sound, and touch. I also like how it exercises the left brain and the right brain simultaneously, as you need to understand the logical grammatical structure of the dance but you also need to interpret it using creativity and imagination in order to create poetry with your partner. When done right, it feels like walking on clouds.

What is your favourite part about Zouk/Zouk community?

Everyone is very nice! Except for Cheryl, she’s a big meanie.


What would you like to see more in SG Zouk scene or personal Zouk goals?

I would like the introduction to Zouk to have less steep of a learning curve. Right now it looks like the majority of new zoukers are experienced dancers from other dance styles. It would be nice if we are able to welcome people who are brand new to dance and get them to enjoy dancing for the first time. I remember what it felt like the first time I realized I really liked dancing and I want to help more people experience that feeling. (We are working on this! We will be providing 2 types of Zouk Beginner Classes soon)

I would also like more experimentation in the type of music played at socials! Let’s have some acoustic or dubstep songs pretty please.

(You gotcha. It's a big spectrum of Zouk music!)

What do you do by day?

Software engineer at a fintech startup. Basically I sit in front of a computer all day until my neck cramps.

Any fun trivia facts about you?

I love sushi! But I’m a bit of a sushi snob. I still have nightmares about eating at Sakae Sushi.

Who are some of your favourite Zouk dancers/Teachers?

William Teixeira and Paloma Alves, Alex de Carvalho and Mathilde dos Santos, Micheal Boy and Aline Borges

Share a zouk video that you really like!

William & Paloma at ZoukMe in San Francisco.

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