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Weekly Spotlight Conversation with Jodie N.

In this special week, we feature this wonderful interview with Jodie. Jodie is relatively new to social dancing, but has been quickly hooked into the dance community in Singapore. Jodie will be leaving Singapore and moving to South Africa soon, and we will miss her greatly. She is beyond kind, unbelievably sweet and her humour makes conversations really lovely. She took weekly private lessons to improve her dancing and has soared in the realm of dance. Her amazing attributes have made her an irreplaceable part of our Zouk Junior Team. We will greatly miss her but wish Jodie the best of luck in Africa. I hope you enjoy this interiew as much as we have!

Fun fact: Jodie is a very healthy snacker, and has always brought fresh vegetables and nuts to trainings.. Whilst the rest of us have ice cream, bubble tea and candy >_<

How long have you been dancing Zouk?

I have been dancing Brazilian Zouk for about 1 year.

How did you start dancing?

I started latin dancing in Singapore nearly 2 years ago now. I started with Salsa then Bachata, Brazilian Zouk and now I'm learning Kizomba.

Your favourite project thus far, and why?

It's really hard to pick a favourite class to be honest. I really love the way our teacher Cheryl Wu has shared her knowledge and passion about Brazilian Zouk. When I joined the junior team I was really inspired by her dancing and the way she trained us in our sessions were challenging and invorgorating.

Most sessions I thought I can't physically do that! Her technique trainings are unbelievable and ultimately I got results that I felt were beyond my capabilities. Cheryl taught us the realm of possibilities we could achieve with hard work and effort. Performing at the zouk sensation 2020 was my event highlight, however I attribute this to all the training sessions leading up to the event.

Why do you enjoy dancing so much?

The dance community has become a family to me, being so far from my home country in New Zealand this is something that is really important to me.

What is your favourite part about Zouk/Zouk community?

Everyone is so welcoming, it's a little scary when you first start learning to dance, you feel really self conscious but everyone is so friendly it makes dancing really fun.

What would you like to see more in SG Zouk scene?

I would love to see more people do it! I know its not the easiest dance to pick up but its so beautiful and when things click all the hard work and effort pay off.

Get to know Jodie a little better!

What do you do by day? I'm a primary school teacher.

What's a fun fact about you?

I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, love sky diving, whitewater rafting and snowboarding!

Who are your favourite Zouk artists?

There are so many! I love William and Paloma, Carlos and Fernanda and Leo and Becky. Share a video you really like! Jodie shared a beautiful video of her social dancing with Randy at one of our Friday Zouk Socials =D

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