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Weekly Spotlight Conversation with Gaurav G.

Finance by day, Dancer by night.

Gaurav is the quintessential persona of the quote above. A fervent supportive of all things art, dance and passionate for cyber audits and technology, the world needs more people like Gaurav who aren't afraid of positive reinforcement of the arts. Unlike what many may think, the latin dance scene tend to be filled with working professionals who started dancing with little to no experience in partner dancing prior to joining our world! Similarly, many teachers and fervent supporters of Brazilian Zouk <especially in Asia> tend to "fall" into (and in love with) this wonderful dance and community. Our community is just a wonderful amalgamation of happy people =) I hope you enjoy this interview with Gaurav!

How long have you been dancing Zouk?

Just under a year - since mid 2019

When/where did you start dancing Zouk/other latin dances?

A: At one of my homes in Singapore - The Studio. Started off with Cuban Salsa about 2014-15, followed it up with some Bachata basics and a lot of Kizomba, then onward to Zouk :)

What is the best thing you enjoy from dancing?

The connections - on the floor, many of them translating to real life friendships much after lessons are over. And the Music - but that’s two things haha 😂

Left: Spot Gaurav! He's wearing peach.

4) What kind of advice would you tell a beginner dancer who is just starting their dance journey?

Don’t worry about the form - nobody’s perfect to begin with. Learn and keep revising basics all the time.

Enjoy the rhythm, go with the flow - that’s the only way to grow :)

What is your favourite part about Zouk/Zouk community?

About Zouk - I enjoy the music and the flowing movements the most.

About the community - Though it is not as large as some other dance communities, the Zouk community is still very close knit and welcoming.

What would you like to see more in SG Zouk scene or personal Zouk goals?

For personal Zouk goals, I hope to get better with my basics and the movement flow when connecting and disconnecting. For the SG Zouk scene - I hope to see more after work or weekend collab classes such as between schools!

What do you do by day?

I work in a local bank, deal with tech and cyber audits, lots of interaction with regulators such as central banks and top IT management.

Are there any fun trivia facts about you?

I love dogs but don’t have any!

⁃ Dreaming of when travel opens up, to get back to Scuba diving - for now reduced to staring at the closed Swimming pool from my window ...

Who are some of your favourite and most inspirational Zouk dancers/Teachers and why?

Inspirational Teachers :

Karen and Yi Jie - very patient with Zouk noobs (read - me 😆) and take a lot of effort to teach students.

Cheryl - for her drive and passion towards Zouk and seeing her students succeed :)

Share a zouk video that you really like!

Gaurav is in the peach shirt, in the thumbnail of the background ;)

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