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Weeekly Spotlight Conversation with Melissa C.

This week's Spotlight Conversation features Melissa. As the photos suggest, Melissa emulates the example of being a dichotomy of hilarity and crackerjacker of life. Melissa has very quickly become the doyen of puntastic jokes in CWDS. We love her.

Melissa is also a lover of travelling, sports, cosplay, a foodie and tech junkie. She is full of life, and though she is *ahem* often a few minutes late for Zouk Team Trainings, find out why I can't ever hold it against her =P

How long have you been dancing Zouk?

*checks Instagram.... omg has it really been 2 years?!?! IT HAS! Pat on the back! Although I’m not sure I deserve it!

When/where did you start dancing Zouk/other latin dances?

Salsa and cha-cha (does anyone even do that anymore?!) ages ago when i was 13 at a small place with an old couple that were probably hot stuff back in the day!

Your favourite Zouk project/event/classes thus far

Obviously Singapore Zouk Zensation, do you even need to ask? Big international event right at home with a variety of artists I’m used to fan girling over on YouTube.

Why do you enjoy Zouk so much?

The dance is so incredibly smooth and versatile, it looks wonderfully passionate and emotional at times and just buckets of fun at other times.

What is your favourite part about Zouk/Zouk community?

Within our school I find the crowd drama free, fun loving and hard working all at the same time. We are all friends and there’s no hard feelings when we point out each other’s mistakes as we all want to improve.

What would you like to see more in SG Zouk scene or personal Zouk goals?

I would love to see the community grow in Singapore. I believe the scene is underrated as it’s a relatively new scene in Singapore. Socials at public places instead of just our studio would also be cool! OR maybe for me to conduct a ladies styling class so I can see Karen’s eyes bleed! Haha! Cheryl: Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha

What do you do by day?

I’m a market analyst for base metals. Yes, I have a job! Just because I say crazy things sometimes does not mean I’m incapable of logical thought!

Above: Melissa's beloved bird, sheep and coffee.

Any fun trivia facts about you?

Something I like to snack on is Tao Kae Noi seaweed with carrots! Don’t flame it till you’ve tried it!

Who are some of your favourite Zouk dancers/Teachers?

Internationally, Alex and Mathilde as they know how to scale a class syllabus depending on the audience.

Share a zouk video that you really like!

Oh I have a long time favourite…… wait….. I cannot find it! Nooooooooooo it’s gone foreverrrrrr…..

Ok I’ll share my second favourite one. The musicality is amazing!

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