5 Key Updates - Venue, Syllabus, Registration, Zouk Teams & 2020 Happenings

Hi everyone! As we announced our move and merger to JJ Dance Movement last week, here are 5 key updates (summarised) that'll you might find interesting.

I'll be covering our changes in 5 key points.

(1) Venue, (2) Syllabus, (3) Registration, (4) CWDS Zouk Teams, (5) Projects by CWDS. If you've got any questions, feel free to ping me at info@cherylwu.dance (quick response time via email) or via our Whatsapp Groupchat =)

1) Venue

We are now located at the heart of Singapore, at Tanjong Pagar CBD at JJ Dance Movement. Just a 1min walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, getting your Zouk fix with us is never easier! Did we mention that the dance studios are also slightly bigger with higher ceilings?

Do note that the studio can be partitioned into 3 combined studios.

2) Syllabus The greatest change to our Zouk syllabus is happening. CWDS previously held 5 levels of Brazilian Zouk classes. We now have 8 Zouk levels, and they're a lot more comprehensive and well-paced for learning.

3) Registration We'll be adopting a membership system from now on. Sign up here.

4) CWDS Zouk Teams

We have a new Zouk Team coming onboard with us. Learn the famous Carlos & Fernanda Zouk choreography with us starting October 22nd.

CWDS Zouk Teams - If you'd like to join our Zouk Team, click here!

5) Annual Projects by CWDS

First up, we have CWDS instructors YiJie & Karen teaching the 4 genres of Zouk in a 4 week series in September, before launching the start of their C&F World Team Project in October!

Next up, we are launching our annual International Zouk Day Flashmob Choreography again this year! We've been running this community project for 4 years now. This year, CWDS instructors QunYan and JZ will be leading this project.

Lastly, do keep up with us on our social media pages to see our day-to-day updates and progress achieved within the Singapore Brazilian Zouk community. Follow us on social media: Facebook Instagram Youtube