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MAC Summary Program by Alex De Carvalho

In December 2018, CWDS hosted the highly respected MAC (Methodology of Alex de Carvalho) Summary Program for the first time in Australasia. The Instructors: Alex & Mathilde

Alex de Carvalho & Mathilde Dos Santos

Alex & Mathilde are currently one of the hottest Brazilian Zouk artistes in the world. They are highly sough-after instructors and have been voted the best teachers of 2018.

The Creator: Alex De Carvalho

Alex De Carvalho

Alex de Carvalho is one of the most respected artistes in the Brazilian Zouk scene. He is the director of the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council, the Principal of his 2 schools: Centro de Danca Alex De Carvalho (CDAC in Brazil) and Danses Bresilennes Alex De Carvalho (DBAC Paris). The Partner-In-Crime: Mathilde Dos Santos

Mathilde Dos Santos was a professional ballerina prior to working with Alex de Carvalho. They teamed up together in 2014 and from then on, created waves across the Brazilian Zouk industry. Sexy, sensual, and incredibly artistic - Mathilde has a knack for illustrating what elegant Zouk is to every corner of the world.


Alex & Mathilde's MAC Summary Program Improvised Demo

- Click to play!


What We Did at #MACSummaryProject

MAC Summary featured lots of note taking!

Notes were given to attendees. We studied everything. From valuable information on the history of Brazilian Zouk, how music adapted, the history of Zouk movements, the science behind body mechanics, to the psychological exploration of the dance.

Alex & Mathilde teaching in class

Lessons were progressive, and perfect for dancers and dance teachers keen to take the next step in their journey to #levelup. We studied every move. From the steps, to the speed of the movement, to the elasticity of the connection, the lightness in the step, and groundedness in the footwork, and the tensions in the flow.

Practice Practice Practice!

We had ample time to practise, with the luxury of Alex & Mathilde's considerate guidance throughout. We smashed our #dancegoals with some serious single foot spins too!

Alex & Mathilde's Single Foot Spins

Everyone managed to do this, and more. What an incredible time!

Oops, what did I see?

.. And then, the unexpected happened. The class managed to catch some really cheeky scenes between classes. =P

10 hours of intensive Zouking with Alex & Mathilde ended too quickly. The class of 60 was all smiles and big hugs, as clearly seen from above. =) The MAC Summary Project in Singapore brought in instructors and dancers from Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Poland, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Haiti, the UK, Hong Kong and more =) It was such an enriching experience learning from the maestro of Brazilian Zouk - For the mind, the soul and the body. Feedback about MAC

"The MAC Summary Project was great. It was a comprehensive, although summarized presentation of what Zouk is, how it started, how to understand Zouk music, and what it takes to be a Zouk instructor. Alex and Mathilde have a great flow and understanding between them during both theoretical and practical classes. Their teaching style is one of the best I've seen, and as a dance instructor myself, I recognise and appreciate the amount of experience and thought that was put together to create this program. Experienced Zoukers, as well as more beginner dancers, all seemed to benefit from the program. "- Magda Zieba (Taiwan) "Everything about the MAC Summary Project was awesome. Alex & Mathilde are amazing teachers and this program is thoroughly enriching! I loved every second of it." - Charmaine Goh (Singapore) "Super convenient location, spacious room, nice parties, great class about culture and history, about basics and spin technique! Singapore is beautiful and food is great! Carefully prepared notes and beautiful certificates!"

- Andy (Haiti/China/USA)


From The Instructors

Asia is increasingly committed to the development of Zouk because it has people dedicated to the progress of that region. Dedicated and attentive students are always willing to learn and share the good energy that Asia has. It was a great pleasure again and we look forward to meeting you very soon.

Kisses and hugs from Alex and Mathilde.

Vai, Brazilian Zouk! We love to Zouk ^_^

Stay tuned for Zouk Sensation - Singapore's Brazilian Zouk Festival

coming up in 2020!

All photos & videos taken by Sloat Media. Thank you to The Studio for your wonderful support.

We would like to dedicate this article to Louis, who was a wonderful part of this event.

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