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How & Why I started Zouk Sensation!

Background Story: Growing up, I've always had the privilege to attend numerous dance events featuring the world's best artistes. I am lucky to have parents who supported my passion for dance, often tagging along my dance trips with me, and I firmly credit my dancing to the opportunities I've been blessed with. My first major international dance festival (with over 1000 participants) was Salsa Asia Cruise 2009. I was 9 years old, and was an invited artiste for the event, alongside the best dancers in the world such as Johnny Vazquez, Magna Gopal (who gave me a huge hug <3), Jordan & Tatiana and Kadu & Larissa (their workshop was my first taste of Brazilian Zouk). What really impresses me the most in the most memorable events is the humility, kindness & warmth organisers/artistes/community display towards each other. I enjoy events so much more when I feel like part of a community. We kicked off the Sensation Series with Zouk Sensation with Alex & Mathilde in July 2017 in Singapore.


Brazilian Zouk Workshops with Alex & Mathilde (Brazil/France)

Brazilian Zouk Workshops with Alex & Mathilde

Dancing with Alex de Carvalho

Go Singapore!

Go Singapore! <3

The event was amazing, with dancers praising the intimate classroom setting we set up, allowing the workshops to feel more personal & welcoming. There is really no better feeling in the world than to spend a few days of intense workshops & learning from your idols =)


With the first successful event under our belt, we decided to host Zouk Sensation with William & Paloma!

William & Paloma showed us what true professionalism is. They embody the very essence of Brazilian Zouk.

Musicality Class - Showing us how it's done. What a great weekend it was!

Who says girls can't lead? ;)

William & Paloma demostrating an improvised dance for us.

Zouk Sensation 2018 attracted 250 enthusiastic dancers from more than 8 countries.


Thus, Zouk Sensation - Singapore's First Brazilian Zouk Festival is born. Check out for our Brazilian Zouk events :D

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