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10 Tips for the Social Dance Floor

10 Tips for the Social Dance Floor

1. Connection

Remember on the social dance floor, nothing matters more than your dance partner. Showing off with countless shines and complicated patterns is actually the paradox of looking good. How comfortable your dance partner feels dancing with you will reflect your skills.

2. Non Verbal Cues

Actions speak louder than words; look out for his/her facial expressions, body language and energy. Is he/she feeling grumpy? Is she tired? Look out for these cues and act accordingly to become a caring dance partner people will regard you as.

3. Presence

Be present in the dance, be present with your partner, be present in the moment. This means giving him/her your eye contact during the dance. Nobody wants to dance with someone who is always aloof and distant. It's an unwelcoming feeling! Thank your partner after the dance, and let them know how you enjoyed dancing with them regardless of their skill level. A little appreciation goes a long way.

4. Be Flexible

Not referring to how well you can do your splits or cambres. Do not adamantly force your partner into a move he/she is not comfortable to execute.

5. Get Comfortable

The song you are dancing to? Try focusing on enjoying the rhythm and melody of it. It may be nerve wrecking trying not to mess up on the dance floor initially. Listen for the nuances that makes a song beautiful, and let your body interpret the music.

6. Slow Down

Go slow, no one is rushing you! On the social dance floor, dance for your partner, dance for the music but most importantly, dance for yourself. Stop thinking of the next move you gotta execute to impress your partner. Slow & Steady is the Suave & Sexy.

7. It Is Not About You

Emulate what your dance partner does. It will bring about a more interactive dance. Intellectual interaction is always fun. One dancer I admire is the amazing Ms Magna Gopal; her ability to reflect any of her dance partner's style in her dancing is impeccable.

8. Dress The Part

Safety First. For ladies, ditch the dangly, dangerous earrings. Wear safety shorts if you are wearing a skirt and avoid excessive accessories. you don't want to choke! For gentlemen, simple top and bottoms would do. I would recommend not wearing a watch so as not to interfere with leading. Be always appropriately from head to toe (pun intended), wear sneakers, dance heels or ballet shoes! :)

9. Ettiquete

Refresh your breath with breath mint or gum from time to time. Nobody likes bad breath. It is common courtesy to have a change of clothes ready if you have soaked through your first outfit of the night!

10. Smile

Dance like no one is watching. Enjoy the dance, the night, the moment! Don't stress about your techniques and embrace your flaws! Your dance journey is never ending. Even the best dancers make mistakes sometimes. Have fun!

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