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At Brazilian Zouk Singapore (BZSG), we believe that every student has the potential to improve and excel. That's why we make student progress our top priority. Our experienced and dedicated instructors work closely with each dancer to help them reach their goals and achieve their full potential.

We believe that dance is for everyone, and we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. No matter what your skill level or experience, we will do everything we can to help you get better every day.

Through a combination of expert guidance, personalized attention, and a passion for dance, we aim to help each and every one of our students succeed. So come join us and let us help you find your groove and reach your full potential on the dance floor.


Student Reviews

I’m thrilled to be invited to write a testimonial to my second home - BZSG.

As an expat, life in Singapore could be pretty hectic, and dance is the first common hobby we pick up after covid. 

I started Brazilian Zouk as I wanted to fix my body posture and BMI, and surprisingly met a bunch of family-vibe and authentic community that shares care and love. 


The first Brazilian zouk class I’ve attended in BZSG was a choreo led by Yi Jie and Karen, and that was the best choice I’ve made. The instructors are inspiring, helping, and motivating me to achieve things I never thought possible.


BZSG also offers levelled classes run by other instructors such as Qun Yan, Cheryl and Frank. They are all specialised in different dance moves. 

Brazilian Zouk Singapore is an excellent dance school, the best you can find in Singapore, a community with outstanding values.

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