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 Brazilian Zouk in Action! 

What is Brazilian Zouk?

Brazilian Zouk is an expressive dance that can be enjoyed to a diverse range of music genres. Whether you're into slow, romantic ballads or upbeat pop, R&B, or hip-hop beats, you can be sure to dance to your favourite songs.

In this dance, you'll be paired up with a partner and groove together to the beat. Whether you're looking to learn some new moves, meet new people, or just have a blast, Brazilian Zouk is the perfect choice.

You'll learn fun and stylish steps, express yourself through movement, and get lost in the rhythm of the music. Brazilian Zouk is the perfect way to add some excitement and joy to your life.


So why wait?

It's a perfect way to get moving, have fun, and make new friends. Come on, let's dance!


Trial Class at $9.90
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